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Spyro Dare Show.

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Spyro Dare Show.

Post by nintendofreak on 8/24/2009, 3:41 pm

Here you can post dares for the characters in the spyro universe to perform requested by our members here.

Spyro: Hey I didn't sign up for this.
Cynder: None of us did.
NF:*aka nintendofreak* well sparx signed a contract which forces all of you to perform in the show or otherwise you have to face the consequences.
Sparx: >_> i thought that was for a free meal.
NF: well i lied :-P
Cynder: >_> sparx your so dead for this.

By the way i don't know much about the older spyro characters so i may have trouble writing up the shows if a lot of dares are for them.
Try to keep the dares funny.

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Re: Spyro Dare Show.

Post by nintendofreak on 8/26/2009, 3:08 pm

This would be an example of what the show would be like I wrote it for another forum i am on but didn't post it there.

Hello everyone and welcome to the spyro dare show. I Nintendofreak will be running the show today. (since I am not an official host my dares will be done)
Sparx: Where are the real hosts?
Me: Well spyros#1fan and Cynder794 havn't done the show in awhile so I decided to run it today. ^_^ So lets get the 1st dare underway.

Now I dare Moneybags to pay Spyro's hospital bill.

Moneybags: How can I pay for that dragon's hospital bill when I don't have any gems left?
Flame: Didn't you tell me you had a secret account of gems that nobody else knows of?
Moneybags: *angry* Why you no good secret telling dragon!
Me: Pay spyro's hospital bill now or else I am going to make you watch barney all day!*waves around a dvd with 24 hours of barney episodes*
Moneybags: o_O n..n..NO! anything but that please! *pays spyro's hospital bill with the last of his gems* Sad goodbye my lovely gems I scammed spyro of.
Me: *snickers* When spyro gets here i'll be sure to tell him that. lets move onto the next dare.
Moneybags: >_<

LordRattler:X_X.....(twitches) the fun begins....I dare the other 3 guardians to attack the host for revenge on Cyril and for Sparx to be baked into a pie and be eaten by cynder.....oh and for LordRattler to have a tea party with all the spyro villians.....*laughs evily*
*cynder794 suddenly appears in the studio*
Me: Your just in time for your dare.
Cynder794:._. ugh.... help.
Guardians:*Start Attacking cynder794 volteer shocks her with his electricity breath then ignitus fries her with his fire then terrador sends her flying into the air with his earth attack*
Me: Now thats a homerun hit! XD ok who wants to be the one who bakes sparx into a pie?
Bianca:I'll do it ^_^ *prepares the ingredients for a pie*
Sparx: Don't I get a say in this!
Bianca: No! grabs sparx stuffs him into the pie and sets the oven timer for 30 minutes:
Me:Ok while sparx is being baked lets do the 3rd part of the dare.
Spyro villians: Tea parties are for sissy little girls like ember.
Ember:*Angry* Hey NF can I join the teaparty to make sure they get to enjoy the ultimate tea party experience. *evil laugh*
Me: Sure ^_^
Ember: Grabs lordrattler and forces the spyro villians into a long boring tea party.
Spyro villians:*Actually enjoying the tea party*
Malefor: I'd do this dare anyday instead of having to listen to volteer's rapping.
Volteer:Whats that suppose to mean!
Cynder:It means you have HORRBILE rapping skills volteer.
Me:XD nice one cynder and I didn't expect the villians to enjoy that...anyway the pie should be almost done *bing timer buzzer goes off* Hands the pie to cynder to eat.
Cynder: MMMM blueberry dragonfly pie my favorite*begins eating the pie* YUMMY!
Ignitus: Spyro is going to be ticked off!
Cynder:Sparx deserves it anyway for always running his mouth.
Sparx: *inside of cynder's stomach* I heard that!
Me: Time for the next dare!

I dare Cynder and Malefor to get married after Spyro gets out of the hospital since he must attend the wedding. After those 2 are married Spyro and Cynder get to have revenge on Malefor in any way they want. After they are done with there revenge Cynder and Malefor will be divorced.

Sparx: *who is no longer inside of cynder's stomach*oh man this is gonna be good!
Hunter: Ummmm sparx how did you get out of cynder's stomach?
Sparx:.........Don't ask.

Spyro:*Walks into the studio* ok I am back so whats going on?
Me: You get to attend Cynder and Malefor's wedding ^_^
Spyro:O_O.....*starts uttering several curse words*
Cynder:O_O OMG!
Malefor: Mwahahaha I can't wait to be married to the former queen of darkness.
Spyro and Cynder: Shut up you pathetic excuse of a dragon!
*Everyone is poofed into a wedding and Malefor and Cynder get married*
Malefor: ^_^ Its great being married to cynder especially when spyro can't do a thing about it!
Spyro:*Turns into dark spyro and starts beating the crap out of Malefor*
Me:*steps away from spyro* ok while those 2 get divorsed lets start the next dare.

I dare Malfor to play 200 rounds of BORING golf. i also dare Spyro and Red to to learn the american idoit album by Green Day then sing it to a Mass murdering greenday hater. if they doesn't want to they can sing it to the a general milatry person. (who hates Green day and has LOTS of solders armed.) after spyro gets out of hospiltal.

Me:Well I dont think Malefor is even able to move right now so spyro and red your up.
Spyro: *still in dark mode* Shoots a convexity breath at me and I get knocked out*
Me:@_@ *gets taken to the hospital*
Spyro: That felt good ^_^....*forgot about the dare and is forced to learn american idoit album with red and sing it to the general military person*
General Militry person: *angry* I hate green day!!! Soldiers Open Fire on those 2 dragons!
Spyro and Red: Start dancing for their lives trying to avoid the shots:
General Militart Person: Don't let up men we nearly got them.
Sparx: Since NF isn't here and spyro is busy trying not to die I will take over:

hahaha I dare Hunter to say look at those mountains to all the female spyro characters and then he has to stay there and see what their reactions are.

Hunter:........ this is going to be painful!
Sparx: True but it will be halarious to us.
Hunter:*grabs a lantern and shoves sparx in it*
Sparx: >_< Hey! I am not the one who made this dare show blame MM for that, Where is HE by the way?
*All the guys start shivering from what happens when MM is called a guy.
MM: *Appears and starts hitting sparx with the indiana jones whip she took ealier* SPARX!!!! I told you to NEVER call me a man again!
Sparx:*sparx is whipped until he is completely knocked out*@_@
*All the males in the audience run away from the dare show studio*
Cynder:o_O ok ugh next dare.

I dare Nintendofreak to do it instead of Hunter. And he cannot escape this dare nor retaliate against me.

Hunter: Yes! I don't have to do this dare after all!
Me*Is healed and appears back in the studio* Ok everyone I am back what did I miss........*Reads dare*NO! Darn you rurik *angry*
rurikredwolf: *evil laugh*
Me:>_< .........To all the female spyro characters LOOK AT THOSE MOUNTAINS!*is slapped and smacked until I faint and is then thrown into a closet tied up* @_@
Spyro:*walks into the studio wounded* >_< I missed NF get owned.
Flame: You sure did it was awesome.
Cynder:I'd keep my mouth shut before he gives you a dare.
Flame:>_<......I should've kept my mouth shut .*starts shaking nervously*.
Spyro: Lets move on to the next dare so we can get this over with as fast as possible!

I dare Rurik to be cast done to his own personalized version of hell where he shall be tickled to agony, skinned, made into a handbag, spun in a washing machine and shot repeatedly by Rorschach. Who will proceed to slingshot him back to earth. Right into the middle of changing rooms. And there is no escaping the dare, for escapers tend to find themselves dunked in ACID!

Gaul: Now thats a dare I can enjoy!
Rurikredwolf:*tried to escape before the dare was announced and finds himself in acid* AHHHH! *melts*
Red: Shoot I wanted to see him get tortured!
Gaul: Yeah this sucks.......
Spyro: Quit complaining and lets keep going!

I dare myself not to be dared this round.

Spyro: Are you even alowwed to make a dare to get out of a dare?
Cynder: Who knows atleast this means the show will end faster since this dare can't be done.

Dang it stop trying to get out of dares Rurik! I dare Rurik to be furied by Spyro and the Guardians for everytime he tries to get out of a dare! Oh and you CANT get out of this dare No Matter What! Or all of the villians from spyro get to beat the hersheys out of you.

Gual: Yes he does get tortured after all! *evil laugh*
Rurikredwolf: *all of a sudden is in the studio* UGH this is gonna hurt!
Spyro and the guardians:*fury rurik for trying to get out of aceedwin's dare*
Rurikredwolf:*who is burnt to a crisp from being furried by spyro and ignitus last* OWWW!
Flame:OOOOOO that looks very painful.* man I really need to learn how to do a fury attack*
Red and Gaul: Good cause its fun to watch others suffer.
Spyro: Lets keep this show on the move!!!*is getting impatient*

I dare that every died hard spyro fan should get $1000 for the epic fail of LOS:TEN and limos for ETD.

Spyro:>_< I am not the one who made the game bad blame the crappy developers.

Game Developers:NO! we're gonna go bankrupt!
spyro fans:*spyro fans all get $1000 and cheer while they go for a ride in limo's*
Spyro:>_> ok whatever... lets just get the next dare started!

*evil smirk at spyro* I dare Spyro to get bad luck for a week in which he gets randomly hit by things in his crotch. Oh and he can't get out of this dare no matter what.

Spyro: O_O I take it back dont get the next dare started!
Malefor: *who has finally awoken* mwahahahaha *grabs a video camera to record it*
Spyro:*who is very nervous right now* THIS IS GONNA HURT...........
Gaul:*who is making a plan to get revenge on spyro suddenly trips on a rock and it hits spyro in the crotch*
Spyro:OWWWWWWWW!!! *falls to the floor agonizing in pain*
egg thief: *who is running with a dragon egg trips and slides on the floor straight into spyro's crotch.
Spyro: >_< *In a high pitched voice*GAHHHHHH!!!! THE PAIN!!!!! *begins crying while rolling on the floor*
Flame:*ouch thats got to hurt glad I am not spyro right now*
Malefor: *Starts uploading the video of spyro on youtube*
Hunter: Since Spyro and NF are unable to host right now I will take over.

Spyro fanatic:
Ika: I'm feeling bad for Spyro so I dare him to spend a relaxing day at Dragon Beach. X3 You're welcome Spyro

Spyro:*still talking in a high pitch voice*Thank you Ika I finally get a dare that I can enjoy.*heads to dragon beach to relax for the rest of the day*
Me:*wakes up and uses his host powers to get out of the closet* WHAT KINDA DARE WAS THAT! I thought this show was for spyro characters to be humiliated *angry* Ok lets just finish the show with the last dare!

*breaks out of closet* while spyro is on vacation and gets to watch this dare. I dare cynder, malefor, ignitus, volteer, cyril, terrador, ember, flame, red, and the elder dragons from spyro a hero's tail to be contestants on Wipeout! they can't fly or use their elemental breaths during this dare.

*All of the dragons except spyro* o_O *poofed to the wipeout show*
Hosts: Welcome to another episode of wipeout. Today we have a special show in which the dragons from the spyro universe will compete and also we got new obstacles that are nearly impossible to do without wiping out!
Spyro: Lets see whats on tv*turns to wipeout to see all the dragons are contestants* ^_^ this looks like a great show to watch!
Dragons: >_< We're going to get you for this NF

OOC:Please watch an episode of wipeout to imagine what might happen to the dragons.

Me:Thats all the time we have today folks see ya next time on the spyro dare show!

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